Sunday, February 1, 2015

February 2015.... update on Dad, upcoming shows... and more.


It's truly hard to believe we are into February already....somedays I yearn for time to move slower... and then I realize that no matter how hard I try, I can't control the universe (yes, I'm in therapy for that as we speak... control issues, maybe?  Ha.)  So, since I'm not in control of TIME, I must just tighten my grip and hang on for the ride of my life.  Lately, it's been a bit bumpy, but still incredibly rewarding.   So.. here are the latest deets 'round here:  

THIS GUY.... is doing much better....

After a fall on Christmas Eve, two stints in two different hospitals, and 3 weeks in rehab... he is finally back home at his assisted-living facility and enjoying all the hugs and kisses from everyone who was missing him there.  He is so sweet and appreciative of everything that anyone does for him. 91 yrs old and still showing me how to treat people kindly, even in your most difficult circumstances. I learn from him daily.  :-)

I squeezed in a trip to Los Angeles for a show with my buddy, Christopher Cross.  If you haven't picked up a copy of his latest CD, "Secret Ladder", you are missing out on an incredible piece of work.  GO GET IT NOW.  

Singing w/Christopher Cross at "Spaghettini's-The Dave Koz Lounge" in LA
I also got to sing with one of my favorite Nashville bands, "The Big Greasy" for one of their shows.  That is one groovin' band.....  lawd, that was FUN.   If you are in the Nashville area, you need to check them out!  

Now for what's coming up in FEB:  

Tickets go on sale for our Bluebird show on Monday, Feb. 23rd:  Go to tickets and more info.

... and on Friday, Feb. 20th at 3rd and Lindsley... come get your "Dan" on with

Make sure you check out for other shows and events..... 

Love you all and this incredible gift of life that we are living together!   Hope to see you soon.... M

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Update on Dad

If there is one thing I know.. it's that my Dad is very loved by MANY.   I can't thank you all enough for the prayers for him during these last few weeks since his fall on Christmas Eve (when he broke 2 ribs).   At 91 yrs of age,  he's obviously very fragile, but man... is he ever stubborn and strong-willed!!   As his doctor said, "Your Dad still wants to be here."  "Here" being on this earth.  We are so grateful that he has such a strong desire to live and be healthy... at this rate, he could see triple digits!!

So the latest update is that we got released from the hospital and we transferred him to a very nice rehab facility where he will stay for awhile.  Because it's the weekend, they don't have the full staff right now and I can't seem to get an answer as to how long they think he will be there.  But I imagine a week or two.  I'm sure it will depend on how well he does in PT.  We need to keep him up and moving so that he doesn't have the congestive heart failure bother him again, or even worse get pneumonia or blood clots.  

I know he is anxious to get back to his home, and we fully expect him to make that transition back after getting a bit stronger.  Each time I stop by to check his mail at his assisted-living apartment, I have several different ladies stopping me to inquire about him.  Apparently he has several of the female residents quite charmed where he lives and they are missing their little man.  :-)   I had no idea he was so popular with the ladies there, but I think I know now why he's so anxious to get home.  Haha!

Again...thank you all for your prayers, phone calls, texts, FB messages etc.... it really warms my heart to know that so many are rooting for him to stick around awhile longer!  He is a special, special man!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

"Lighthouse", "Secret Ladder", "Nashville".... Oct. news!

Hi friends!                                         Oct. 10st, 2014

I hope everyone is having a lovely FALL.... the leaves are turning, chili is on the stove, football is on the tv, and I'm LOVIN' IT!  
If you haven't gone to I-tunes to download "Lighthouse", the new CD by Scott MacIntyre... GO BUY IT NOW!!!!!   Yes, I co-wrote a track "Sacred Space" which is on this record,  and I'm very proud of the song.....but even if I didn't have a song on the album, I would tell you to GO BUY IT NOW!!   Every song is GREAT, the production is GREAT, and Scott's voice is stronger and better than ever!   It is truly a moving and inspiring piece of work so I'm tellin' ya... GO BUY IT NOW!!!!!   You'll thank me later.  :-)

Also… my current favorite Boss, Mr. Christopher Cross has a brand new CD that was just released in September!  It is FABULOUS…  We will be out touring a lot this fall, promoting this new project.  Please check for all the upcoming dates and latest info.

AND…. the brand new season of ABC’s “Nashville” has started and I’ve been having a lot of fun taping a few episodes as part of Deacon Claybourne’s band so if you tune in, you MIGHT catch a glimpse of me here and there.  :-)

 That's about it for now.... always check my calendar for any new dates that might pop up.  We are heading to the Phillipines later this month for a couple of shows in Manila.  THAT should be an interesting trip!  :-)
Don't forget to check my blog now and then for more updates:
Love to you all.... 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Scott MacIntyre, Christopher Cross... and Deacon. :-)

Hi friends!             Sept. 1, 2014

It’s the unofficial beginning of my favorite time of year… FALL!   Cooler temps, football, beautiful foliage, chili and pumpkin everything!!    I just love everything about this time of year.   PLUS… there are many exciting things coming up to tell you about!

First off… I’m very proud of have co-written a song with American Idol Alum Scott MacIntyre, which is on his new CD “Lighthouse”, currently set for release on Sept. 23, 2014.  Our song, “Sacred Space” was written by Scott, myself and Val Lupescu while we were on a writer’s retreat in Gatlingburg last year.  I love the song.. and I love Scott!  He’s a great guy with a lot of talent… so go BUY this CD!  FYI…If you pre-order right now, you can get it at a discount!  Here is the link to purchase on I-tunes:  

Also… my current favorite Boss, Mr. Christopher Cross has a brand new CD being released this month as well!   It is FABULOUS… and available worldwide on Sept. 12th!   We will be out touring a lot this fall, promoting this new project.  Please check for all the upcoming dates and latest info.

AND…. the brand new season of ABC’s “Nashville” premiere’s on Wed. Sept. 24th.  I’ve been having a lot of fun taping a few episodes as part of Deacon Claybourne’s band so if you tune in, you MIGHT catch a glimpse of me here and there.  :-)

That's about it for now.... be sure and check my calendar at for more dates!!

Love to you all.... 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Django's here!!!

Lately, it's been "cool" to talk about how bad social media is.    Do people misuse social media?  Sure... we all do at times, but just because  people mess it up,  doesn't mean it is something we all need to label as "bad" or stay away from.  There are MANY good things about social media and how the internet has made the world a much smaller place.  One of those things that I LOVE about it is how I've been able to reconnect with people/friends of my past that I had lost track of.  There were SO many friends that I grew up with in little Arkadelphia, Arkansas that had slipped off my radar and I wondered at times if I would EVER find out where they ended up, what professions they chose,  what their families looked like now.   If it weren't for the internet....ok, let's just say it out loud people....all together now,  "FACEBOOK"... we might have never found each other again.    It has been a treat to rekindle old friendships, and learn to relate to each other as adults.

One of those old friendships that I am SO grateful for is my childhood friend, Lynette Cox.  She is now "V.L. Cox",  a professional artist, based out of Little Rock, AR and I'm tellin' ya... that girl is CRAZY TALENTED! She has her art in many selected collections, including the Historic Arkansas Museum,  The Morris Museum of Art,  The William Jefferson Clinton, 42nd President of the United States Collection, and many others.  She has even had some art on loan in the Arkansas Governor's Mansion for the last six years, and I saw where V.L.'s piece was acknowledged by the First Lady of Arkansas, Ginger Beebe, as one of The Governor's favorite pieces.   Check this out:

  For more information about my talented friend, go here:  

Not only is V.L. Cox incredibly talented, but she is also one of the most giving and loving people I know.  Following her life on her FB page only shows a glimpse of how much she does for those around her.  And NOW... she did THIS:

Using her signature style, using vintage refrigerator doors, she painted DJANGO for us!!!!   She knew how much he meant to us and wanted to do something to remember him by!  You can't EVEN imagine the tears I've been shedding since getting this beautiful piece of art in the mail today!  She gave me a little history on the door she used for "Django"... it is the front of a very old wooden icebox from the early 1900's, out of Menifee, Arkansas... it was the perfect size for our little guy!  I seriously can't begin to thank V.L. for this generous gift, but I will gratefully accept it and hope to help spread the word about this amazing girl and her amazing artistry!!  

So THANK YOU, Lynette Cox, my childhood friend.. and now grown-up friend!  You made this family VERY happy today!!  Much love and gratitude to you!!

Everyone go check out more of V.L. Cox's art:

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 2014

Hello friends!                                                  July 5th, 2014         

Well, here we are, smack-dab in the middle of summer.   I’m typing this from beautiful Manson, WA, where we are about to play a show tonight with Blood, Sweat and Tears.  The weather is much cooler here than we have been experiencing in Nashville, so it’s a nice relief for me.  I struggle with the long, hot humid days we have this time of year in Nashville, so traveling NORTH is always a treat in July/Aug.

June was full of shows for me.  I’m still touring with the AMAZING Christopher Cross and we got to share the stage with the Jacksonville Symphony, which was super cool!!  Hearing those gorgeous arrangements performed with a REAL Symphony was incredible.  I had chills all night!   (think about the intro to “Sailing” for a minute… I mean… c’mon….STUNNING.)

The Christopher Cross band w/The Jacksonville Symphony
THEN… we headed to Tulsa, OK for 2 nights of shows w/CC.  I have a lot of family in that area so it was awesome to get in some family visits while I was there.  Extra special thanks to my cousin Judy Miles, who helped organize many of the details so that I could get time in with everyone!!   

"An evening with Christopher Cross" in Tulsa, OK
While I was already in the great state of Oklahoma, I took a couple of extra days to visit my Birth Mother and her husband, as well as my brothers and sister and their familes in the OKC area.  That is one of the wonderful things about traveling with my work… getting to squeeze in little visits with family and friends that I probably wouldn’t see that often.  It was wonderful to catch up with all my OKC family! 

Later in June,  had our very first “Twelve Against Nature” road trip, performing in Destin, FL for the Maddie Kelly Concerts in the Park.   THAT was FUN!

"Twelve Against Nature" soundcheck in Destin, FL
 … and, our still un-named trio, consisting of me, Rob Harris and Kim Parent, traveled down to Decatur, AL and performed at the beautiful “Princess Theatre” for a small, but appreciative crowd.    They are just starting to get their “Songwriter Series” off the ground there and I hope the community will spread the word and support it.   People travel long distances to see songwriters do their “thing” at the Bluebird Café in Nashville.  These “Songwriter” shows are basically bringing the Bluebird experience to YOU.   I hope more and more places will get on board with this idea.  It’s really, really super cool!

I hope you guys will check my calendar periodically and catch one of my shows soon…. Here’s what’s coming up in July:
July 10th – The Bluebird Café in Nashville, TN   w/James Casto, Chas Sandford, and Kiki Ebsen

July 26th – Lancaster, OH   w/CC
July 27th – Lancaster, PA     w/CC
July 29th, Point Pleasant, NJ   w/CC

OH!  .. and Mike and I even found a little time to sneak away together for a much needed weekend together.  We took a spur of the moment trip to Memphis.   After 29 years of living in TN, I finally made a visit to Graceland!  TOTALLY COOL.  We also stayed at the Peabody, ( Priceline it people, PRICELINE!), ate at the famous Rendevouz BBQ, and spent a little time enjoying the music on Beale Street.  We also hit the Staxx Museum... yep, we crammed in a BUNCH.  I highly recommend the Memphis experience if you haven't done it!

Memphis, TN

Ok... that's all for now.... ya'll have some fun in the sun and enjoy the summer!

Lovin’ all of ya…. M