Saturday, November 14, 2015

I'm at a total loss.....

Hi friends....          

It's hard for me to gather my thoughts this morning as I have the tv on, listening to the latest information about the horrible terrorist attacks in Paris.   It's hard to really fathom how so much hatred can be harbored in the hearts of those terrorists.  All I know is that we CAN'T hate back.  We can't let FEAR control our emotions to the point that we become like them; People filled with hate for other people who think and act different than us.  I love this Martin Luther King quote: 

Most of you know that I am a Christ-follower.  We are called to be the LIGHT of the world.  We are called to LOVE our enemies.  We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those that are hurting.  And that means ACTION.  Yes, we need to PRAY for those that are being hurt by these horrible acts of terrorism, but we should also find ways to HELP in more tangible ways.  What can we DO?  How can we BE THE LIGHT right now in the midst of this darkness?  What does that truly LOOK LIKE?   ---   The truth is, right now, I have NO IDEA.  I'm at a total loss.  I'm sitting here in my comfy favorite chair, drinking my high-end coffee and watching the horror unfold on my high-def tv and feeling like a schmuck.  I can write about my outrage and anger here on my little blog, and feel like I'm doing something, but I know that it's not enough.  It's a scary, scary situation and it's made even more scary by my lack of ways to stop it or help.  So...for now.... I will pray.  

... and I will pray that God shows me what I can do.  And I will pray that when God shows me what to do, I will have the courage to do it.  And I will remember that God never sleeps... and He IS in the middle of this madness, somewhere.  Amen. 

My friend and current favorite boss, CC is over in France in the middle of this mess.  I am praying he gets out of there ASAP and back home safe and sound.  I would appreciate you joining me in prayer for him... and for all of the people in France who are scared and hurting.  And pray for all the world leaders as they make important decisions on how to move forward today.  

   That's about it for now.... we have some shows coming up, but it seems trivial to talk about those today.  You can always check my calendar for shows that are coming up over at my main website: 

Love to you all.... 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

October news....

Hi friends....
It's OCTOBER!  My favorite month of the year!  I love everything about this time of year.  Fall, Football, Foliage, Pumpkins and Chili!  What's not to love, right??  

My touring has slowed down and I'm happy to be home for awhile.  Trying to do a little remodel at our house (oh no, THAT'S not stressful AT ALL...ha) AND get some writing done for my long-put-off new CD.  I'm also doing quite a bit of home recording so if you need some bgv's done on your projects, I'm home and happy to do it!  

I'm heading up to Gatlinburg, TN later this month for a weekend writing retreat, and hopefully I'll come off that mountain with a pocket full of new songs to record.  I'm really getting excited about getting back in the studio and sharing some new tunes with you.  I've had a lot on my heart lately, and I figure that writing songs about it is the best way to get my feelings out... so look out world!  HA!

In other news... I recently attended the Chris Tomlin, "Love Ran Red" concert when it came through Nashville!  What an amazing night!  If that tour comes in your neck of the woods... GO!  And prepare yourself for an amazing night of worship.  It was so lovely!

  That's about it for now.... always check my calendar for any new dates that might pop up over at  

Love to you all.... 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Christian Bully crisis....

Dear non-believing friends,

I have to start out by apologizing for all the Christian bullies that are being such loud gongs and clanging cymbals right now in America.  (1 Corinthians 13:1 - "If I speak in the tongues of men or angels, but I do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or clanging cymbal.")

 It is genuinely disturbing what is going on.  I can assure you that not all Christ-followers are big bullies.  I have been so hurt by the things I have been seeing on Facebook, and even personally hearing from the mouths of some of my Christian brothers and sisters that I had to take a break from Facebook for a few days.  I was planning to stay off for much longer than I did, but a non-related event got me back on sooner that I wanted to, and actually I'm glad I'm back on.  I missed seeing the sweet life-updates from so many of my friends, and realized that I don't want to let the bullies keep me from missing the good status updates that I love about FB.   Anyway, if these awful attacks I'm seeing on FB towards my non-believing friends are hurting ME, I can only imagine how it must affect them.

I have many non-Christian friends in my life.  The sad realization I have come to recently is that I see more "fruits of the spirit" being shown on a daily basis from them than I do people in my "Christian" circles.  (Galatians 5:22 - "But the fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and faithfulness")   I honestly don't know why this is proving to be true, but it is.  Without a doubt.

So again, I apologize for all the Christian bullies out there.  I think they have good intentions, but are using misguided tactics.  

Dear Christian friends,

  I beg of you.  Please try to think before you post things on Facebook (or even worse, say things in person) that make non-Christians feel like they are too much of a "sinner" to be invited to Christ's table.  NO ONE is too much of a sinner to get to experience what Jesus is offering.  I am doing my best to try and convince them of Jesus' love, grace and mercy... and you aren't HELPING.  When you post things like:

 "You can be gay, and you can be a Christian... but you can't be gay AND be a Christian!"

You have no idea how that might feel to a gay person who is on the verge of reaching out to Jesus.   I guarantee, you certainly didn't "close the deal" with THAT remark.  EVEN if you believe with all your heart that that statement is true, how can that possibly help win someone over to the kingdom of God that might be struggling with sexual-identity issues?  I guarantee you just shoved them away... and I mean SHOVED HARD.  Now, I'm not saying that you can't post your beliefs on your FB page... but there is a big difference between standing up for what you belief in and attacking someone who doesn't see things like you do or doesn't believe like you do..... big difference.   

When Jesus called on people to follow him, he didn't say "Change first, then follow me"  He just said, "Follow Me".   Jesus knew that when they got to know him, they would understand.  He knew that changes in their hearts would come AFTER they got to know him.   Changing someone's heart is The Holy Spirit's job.  I just want to introduce people to the Jesus that has saved me and changed my life.... and I'd appreciate it if you guys would stop making it harder for me to convince the skeptics that this is a safe place.

I once heard it said that before you speak, you should ask yourself:

1. Is it truthful?
2. Is it necessary?
3. Is it approriate?
4. Is it kind?

Because words can hurt.  Words can heal or they can scar.  It's your choice.  But I guarantee, I know what Jesus chose.  Every single time.  Jesus came to heal.   

So for heaven's sake (literally) Christians... stop bullying my friends!  The bullying I see around me is getting to be of crisis proportions!   You're making it hard for me to convince them that you are someone they would like to get to know.  And you might be the only "face" of Jesus they get to see... so please, please, please....  PLAY NICE and BE KIND.

Thank you....

P.S. -   For more information on how to not be a Christian Bully -- READ THIS. THIS. THIS!  -  "The Sacred Act of Not Being A Jerk."   --- thank you!   :-)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sept. shows.....

Hi friends....                                 

I can't believe it's AUGUST.  This summer is FLYIN' by... mainly because I've been on tour with the amazing Christopher Cross for MOST of the summer.  We have had a whirlwind tour, playing in Hawaii, France, Italy, Ireland, Spain and several cities in the US.  I am so blessed to get to travel with a wonderful group of people, who just happen to also be amazingly talented musicians and fantastic crew.   I LOVE MY JOB!   

Things are slowing down a bit with CC this fall, which is enabling me to squeeze in a few shows of my own, which I'm very much looking forward to.  

First off,... on Thursday, Sept. 3rd, I'll be "in the round" with hit songwriter's Brice Long and Steven Dale Jones at Workplay in Birmingham, AL.    This show is part of "The Writer's Share" songwriter series and if you are in the Birmingham area, we would LOVE for you to come join us!   I can promise you a fun evening of songs and stories.   If you've ever been to a show at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville and liked it.. you will LOVE "The Writer's Share" shows.  

Then.... on Saturday, Sept. 12th,  I'll be down in Duluth, GA at the Gwinnett Center as part of the "Home By Dark" songwriter series.  I'll be joined by amazing songwriters, James Casto, Emily Shackelton and Carole Ford.  This is going to be another incredible night and I'm thrilled to be invited to be a part!   For tickets and more information:

I have shows with CC in Austin, TX, Larchwood, IA... and Orlando, FL coming up in September as well... check my calendar for more info!  

  That's about it for now.... always check my calendar for any new dates that might pop up.   Also, check in over at for music and updates!  

Love to you all.... 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How did I get HERE???

"My touring days are over.  I'm too old to jump on a tour bus and do the brutal travel that comes so often with artist gigs.  Plus, who wants to hire a 50 year old woman in their band?   Yeah, I'm done.  But I don't say that sadly.  It's actually ok.  I'm ready for God to open a new chapter for me and see what's next in this new season of my life." ---  Marcia Ramirez,  2012

I'm pretty sure when I made that statement to a friend 3 years ago, at that very moment somewhere up in heaven, God started giggling.  I mean, I had no idea the twists and turns my life was about to take, but He did.   Man, oh man.... I could never have predicted what He had planned for me.


Three years ago, I was trying to get my youngest child through high school, taking care of my elderly parents, doing sessions in Nashville and writing a bit.  An amazing husband, 2 other grown children, a wonderful circle of friends, two beloved dogs and a marginally-loved cat (I'm kidding, I'm kidding!) all gave me a lovely and full life.   I was content to be home and easing into a different "season" of life.  My early days of running around the world as part of a touring band were behind me (or so I thought) and I was happily looking into other means of success.  Or maybe not "success" so much anymore as "significance".  Things change along with your perspective as you age... which is one of the things I adore about the aging process.   But that topic is for another day, another post.

Double-decker carosel... Nimes, France

Which leads me to NOW.  July 2015.  I just got back from a lovely morning walk through the streets of Nimes, France.

I'm on tour as a back-ground singer with one of my favorite singer-songwriters from my youth, the incredible Christopher Cross.

I found a matador...

CC's first record came out in 1980, the year I graduated from high school.  I have vivid memories of the first time I moved out of my parents home... everything I owned packed tightly in the back of my 1977 Chevette (it was red w/yellow racing stripes down the sides - yeah, I was cool like that.....HA)... and as I pulled out of their driveway to move far, far away (35 whole miles!) I was cranking up "Ride Like The Wind", "Sailing" "Say You'll be Mine", "Minstrel Gigolo".. and all those classics songs from the 5 time Grammy Award Winning Record that became the soundtrack of my "coming of age".

One of the many little sidewalk cafes....

Never, never, NEVER would I have EVER dreamed I would get the chance to not only meet him, but get asked to be a part of his touring band at the innocent young age of 51.  :-)    I could not have planned this.

 But God had plans I could not see.  

The last two years have been very hard.   I buried my mother, my father and my two beloved dogs, Django and Ellie May. I have cried... no, wailed through tears at God for taking so much from me so quickly.  "Why God?  I can't take any more loss.  This is more than my heart can take."  But through the pain, I have learned that the one constant I can always count on is that my sweet Lord never leaves my side and walks along with me.  Hurting with me.  Crying with me.  Comforting me as no one else can.   So I am grateful for the pain, as it only brings me into a more intense relationship with my God.

But today... I am grateful for the new joy that God has brought me.  And as I share pictures on social media of my trip through Europe this month, I don't do it to brag.  I'm not sharing with the intentions of showing how cool I am, or how amazing my life is.  No... I share it to show how cool God is.   I show it so that someone else out there who may be going through a very difficult season of loss can see that there IS life after deep pain.  There IS life after deep loss.

... and you are never "too old", or "too young" or, "too anything" for whatever God has planned for you.  He will equip you for what he has planned for you, no matter your age, gender, or ethnicity.  No matter your fears, your worries, your perceived limitations.

via Pete Wilson, Crosspoint Community Church, Nashville, TN

Remember when I said I was "too old to get in a tour bus".... so God said, "Ok, then I'll give you a gig where you only fly, no bus"... "But wait God!  I'm afraid of flying!!".... "Oh yeah, about that.  I'll remove that fear from you -- just step out in faith."   Sure enough... my fear of flying was completely lifted from me!   I mean, really... God just shows off sometimes.  Seriously!   :-)

So back to my original question... I literally asked myself today, "How did I get here?"  I couldn't have written this story.  I couldn't have predicted this.  I couldn't have imagined this in my wildest dreams.... but God could.  And God did.    

God brought me here.   It's the only explanation.  

....and I am grateful.    I am grateful for this break from two years of life's storms.   And I am grateful that I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that when the storms hit again.....

... God will walk with me and bring me to the other side.... once again.  

Now, I need to go figure out what I'm going to wear tonight... we are opening for TOTO tonight at The Arena of Nimes.. a Roman Amphitheatre that holds 16,000 people.   WHOA.

The Arena of Nimes

God is good... ALL THE TIME.

Love y'all.... M

Sunday, June 28, 2015

My apologies.... and a warning.

I posted an inflammatory status on Facebook yesterday (actually two, but who's counting? lol).  My husband sweetly and gently pointed out that I may not be helping matters... causing more divisiveness than unity.... then he gave me a kiss, a pat on the head and then headed off all by himself to deliver water to the homeless.  Have I mentioned that I married an angel??

Anyway.... as I gave thought to his words, I realized he was right.   I wasn't helping unify anyone or anything, and that was wrong of me.  So to my friends who ended up coming on my FB page and getting into conflict with others who didn't agree with them because I starting an inflammatory thread with my status..... I apologize.  TRULY.

Please don't misunderstand me.... I don't regret what I said.  I still stand by my words.  But in my frustration, I didn't think through how my words might come across and it back-fired.  I guess that is one of the dangers about social media.... many times the "tone" or intent of your words doesn't come across accurately.  Misunderstandings abound.  Nothing gets accomplished and no one walks away feeling satisfied.  That isn't healing or helpful.... so again.... I apologize.  

Now here is my warning:  I'm on a journey for truth.  I'll admit I'm questioning things I have been taught all my life.... and things I have believed for years.  So far in my journey, as I have looked for answers to my questions, some of my old beliefs have been reinforced... but many have been turned upside down and all around.   So, if any of you has a low tolerance for someone in search for a better connection with God, someone who is desperately trying to learn how to love people better, and even learning to love myself a bit better in the process, you might want to hit the "UNFRIEND" button now.  Or at least the "UNFOLLOW" option which one of my children already said they have done!  LoL

will try my best not to post inflammatory statuses.... and I BEG of you all, if you choose to comment on anything I post, please be respectful with everyone else's opinions, especially if they don't line up with yours.

A friend of mine, Randy Smith, posted something this morning that I thought NAILED what is going on in our society right now.  We have lost the ability to have EMPATHY for anyone who doesn't see things the way we see them.  They suddenly become "the enemy".  Everyone is on the defensive, feeling their "rights" are being trampled upon (see my earlier post on June 24th for my feelings on your "rights") and the conversations are getting louder and meaner with each passing day.    I'm going to try my very best not to add to the noise that gets us nowhere on social media... but I don't want to stand by and not say anything when I feel strongly about an issue.

So... I'm going to speak up more.  But I will try to use my voice as a tool for unity somehow instead of causing more division.  Matthew 5:9 says:  "Blessed are the peacemakers"... and The Message translation of that verse says this:

 “You’re blessed when you can show people how to cooperate instead of compete or fight. That’s when you discover who you really are, and your place in God’s family."

I truly DO want to be a peacemaker.... but I beg you all to offer me grace if I somehow cause any strife while I search for my own peace of mind, and peace with my God.  Thank you for your understanding... and for all your loving comments towards me, even the ones who don't agree with me, but are passionate about their TRUTH.  I don't have all the answers... and I know I never will.... but I'm seeking.... and searching.... come along if you dare.  :-)

Love you ALL....